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More than 70% of members of the Diocese of Durgapur of Church of North India are Tribals. The Tribal people of our country have always had a significant and meaningful impact on national life and culture. India, post and pre independence, can never be completely and clearly understood without recognising the invaluable contribution of Tribal communities. In India’s social, cultural and political life, these communities have contributed shoulder-to-shoulder with the non-Tribals to bring the country to where it is today.

The Diocese of Durgapur has always recognised the contributions of the Tribal communities and has worked over the years towards the upliftment of the Tribal masses, who many a times are subjected to abject poverty, become refugees in their own lands and suffer in various ways. One of the ways in which the Diocese tries to uplift this community is through its Annual Tribal Award Ceremony which recognizes and rewards outstanding contributions made in the field of Literature and Social work.

Under the Peace and Reconciliation Programme of Shanti Griha of the Durgapur Diocese, several programme like the following have been implemented:

1. Programme on Tribal Rights
2. People’s Representative and Staff Training on People’s Organisation Management
3. Farmer’s Co-operative workshop
4. Leadership and Gender Sensitisation
5. Teacher’s Training Programme
6. Staff Training (Capacitation) Workshop
7. Workshop on HIV/ AIDS for Community Awareness
8. Disaster Response and Mitigation Programme
9. Beneficiaries Training Workshop (A Reflection on Progress)
10. INDABA (Three Projects)
11. Teacher’s Training for Khejuri

In the last eight years, Shantigriha has published three main books related to the Jangal Mahal and the people residing in that region. They are Journey with the Tribals, edited by Nirmalendu Bikas Mitra, 2006; Methodist in Bengal, edited by N. B. Mitra, 2007 and Aspects of Tribal Life, edited by Goutam Buddha Sural, 2009.

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