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The border region between India and Bangladesh is a well-known hotspot for illegal immigration. Many cross the borders without the necessary papers because they believe a better life is waiting for them on the other side- with more job opportunities or better farming land at economical prices. It is this promise of a better life that traffickers use to lure the innocent and ill-informed poor.

The Durgapur Diocese being located close to the border has been witness to the devastation and pain caused by the flesh trade. Believing that Service to God extends beyond the confines of one’s church and even pastorate, the Diocese of Durgapur began the Anti-Human Trafficking Programme in 2011 under the leadership of the Rt. Revd. Bishop Probal Kanto Dutta. The main office of the programme is based in Kaliaganj which is in the North and South Dinajpur District, making these two districts the area in which it operates.

How We Help?

To overcome these challenges, we employ the 3 P’s of curbing trafficking

Preventive Protective Prosecution

Below are the many ways in which we make the programme as effective as we can. A lot of what we do is focused on the Preventive and Protective since these are the two avenues we as an organization feel

  We organize mass awareness campaigns and network building programmes where the people of a particular town/village and government officials are brought under one roof. The officials speak to them about measures they can take, their rights, and what they should be aware off. The people in turn tell them about any issues they have faced in relation to human trafficking.
  Distribute Informative pamphlets and leaflets
  Integrated Child Development Scheme aimed at the parents for young children in government schools
  Self-help group meetings and Village Livelihood Meetings are organized. Thus, making the villagers aware of the government grants and schemes and helping them access them
  To protect the children who are at risk and for those girls who have been rescued, we have a safe home – St. Michael’s in Baldahura, Malda. They are given an education, extra classes such as dancing, healthy and nutritious food, a caring team to bring them up and most of all – a safe environment to grow up in.
  The AHT team helps victims or their families lodge complaints with the police since they are scare of approaching the police and don’t know their rights or how the law works.
  The programme has also begun a livelihood support system to inform the people the many government schemes and privileges that they can avail of. Such as:Samajik Suraksha Yojona, Fasal Bima Yojana, Manobil Prokalpa, and many more.
  The programme has funded a few dhokra-making setups to give those rescued a chance to be financially independent. They makes these carpets to be sold in the markets, the money is collected and distributed within the team.

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