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We are blessed to be able to give nearly 400 children a safe and healthy environment in which they can grow and learn. We give our children the best of care, be it in terms of health via nutrition or medical check-ups, education in some of the best schools in Durgapur, a variety of activities and lessons, and most of all, a stable and Christian upbringing. We try to support our children till they can stand on their own feet which means that we care for them till they complete their graduation. We always try to take as many children in as possible but our waitlists are always brimming over with new cases. It is with the help of our Godparents, sponsors, and well-wishers that we have been able to open 8 centers with 5 hostels, something we hope to further expand on.
Durgapur Child Study and Development Center
The very first of our 8 centers, DCSDC was inaugurated on the 1st of March, 2006. As the oldest center, the Durgapur center has shown us what our centers can achieve. Several of our children who began with us, such as Chandni and Manju are currently working or are happily married. The center provides a wholesome environment to grow up in for 60 children. We have several special teachers come and instruct them in different arts which are listed in our Activities section. We give them medical checkups in our onsite Clinic- Good Shepherd.
Interfaith Community Study Center, Bankura
The second oldest center opening on the 4th of September, 2006. This center is special as most of its 75 students are from another faith, many coming from Muslim communities in the surrounding area. The children in this center are primarily girls who come from extremely impoverished backgrounds. This meant that the children had to be instructed on things such as cleanliness. The team is happy to report that these children have shown an impressive improvement in areas such as politeness, hygiene, behavioral patterns and more.
Community Study Center, Purulia
Built a year after the Durgapur Center, this center is a large space which gives the 60 children who come here the space to engage in all the different activities we offer without being hindered by a lack of space. The center was later added to in 2011, making it a hostel and giving some of the children the option to become hostellers. A special feature of the center is the close bond the St. Barnabas Church congregation has with the children of this center. They give their time to help guide and befriend these children as they grow older.
Child Development Center, Baldahura
Inaugurated on the 6th of December, 2014, this center is close to our hearts. This center houses children who are at risk of being trafficked. The region this center is in has a notorious reputation for trafficking humans. The center currently cares for 70 children. They attend a state-run school and have access to the many ancillary courses we provide in our centers. All of this gives these children a chance to escape the cycle of poverty they were born into, which is one of the main reasons for trafficking.
Grace Center, Mankar
Grace Center was inaugurated on the 23rd of July, 2018.Even if it is one of our newest centers, it already cares for 40 children from the ages of 4 to 8. These little ones have shown a marked improvement in speech , language, behaviour and more. Parents and mentors have a weekly sit down to keep each other updated on their charges.
Child Development Center, Baramara
This hostel was inaugurated in the April of 2018. We currently have 10 little ones residing with their warden in the hostel. They are brought up with a loving but stern hand. They attend St. Michael’s School in the region. All costs from fees to book and stationery to uniforms are born by the Diocese. Every Sunday these children attend church and learn about Jesus. Their parents visit them twice a month.

  Diocesan Bhavan Dr. Martin Luther King Road, Bidhannagar, Durgapur – 713212, District- Paschim Bardhaman, West Bengal, India

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